Gaushala [Cow-Shelter] in India saving Indigenous Breeds of cattle

May 11, 2006

There are several very impressive Gaushalas in India. In a good Gaushala you will find ‘dedication without self’, well maintained cows, good breed animals, and some people who are contributing without getting anything from it. Details can bring to you the sentimental feelings of thankfulness, bigger faith in life, and a reverence to the Indian indigenous breeds of cows. Some of the names like Gir, Sahiwal, Ongole, Kankrej are well known. There is more of it on this site and links to still more. We shall help you travel through some fore-front Gaushalas in the length and breadth of India, how these are saving Indigenous Breeds of cattle, how some of the Gaushalas have been made self-sufficient by utilizing its cow-dung and cow-urine for agriculture  and other (e.g. medicine, energy) aspects, or providing pure-bred cows to the interested in the surrounding villages. You will find these Gaushalas  make Vermi-compost and promote organic agriculture, and make bio-pesticide from go-mutra and save the crops from the hazards of chemical fertilizers/pesticides. And some now follow ‘Zero or low Budget’ farming. And much more…